Juul vs. Juul 2 Difference



Juul vs Juul 2 Difference: A Comprehensive Comparison

In the rapidly evolving world of vaping, Juul has been a prominent name for quite some time. Their sleek design and user-friendly approach have made them a go-to choice for many vapers. But now, there’s a new player in town – Juul 2. If you’re wondering what sets these two apart, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll explore the key differences between Juul and Juul 2 and help you make an informed decision about which one might be the right fit for you.

Juul vs. Juul 2: The Basics

Juul Starter Kit: The original Juul, often referred to as Juul 1, introduced the world to the concept of pod vaping. It came with a compact and discreet design, making it incredibly portable. The Juul starter kit typically includes a rechargeable device, a USB charger, and four pre-filled Juul pods, each containing 0.7ml of e-liquid. The device itself was praised for its simplicity – no buttons, no settings, just draw and vape.

Juul 2 Starter Kit: Juul 2, on the other hand, builds upon the success of the original Juul with some notable improvements. The Juul 2 starter kit also includes a rechargeable device and a USB charger, but it comes with two key upgrades. First, the pods in Juul 2 have a larger capacity, holding 1.0ml of e-liquid, which means fewer pod changes. Second, Juul 2 introduces adjustable airflow, allowing users to customize their vaping experience by controlling the draw resistance.

Battery Life and Charging

Both the original Juul and Juul 2 feature rechargeable batteries. However, the Juul 2 boasts a slightly larger battery capacity, providing more extended usage between charges. This can be a significant advantage for heavy vapers who don’t want to worry about running out of battery during the day. Charging is as simple as plugging the device into the included USB charger, making it convenient for on-the-go use.

E-Liquid Options

When it comes to e-liquid options, both Juul and Juul 2 offer a variety of flavors, including traditional tobacco, mint, fruit, and dessert options. The key difference here is the pod capacity. Juul 2’s larger pods mean you’ll have more e-liquid to enjoy, which can be especially appealing if you have a favorite flavor.

Price Comparison

As for the price, the Juul 2 starter kit may come at a slightly higher cost than the original Juul starter kit due to its improved features. However, the convenience and enhanced vaping experience it offers could make it a worthwhile investment for many users.

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